Welcome to Saraye! In case you were wondering, Saraye rhymes with 'today' and can mean both woman and freedom in the Cambodian language, Khmai. We are the originators of the 'tatami style' purse and also the first to design a curved purse for body comfort. All of our unique products are made in Cambodia by our team of artisans. We are a fair trade transparent company and have an open door policy when it comes to sharing labor conditions and wages at our facilities in Cambodia to prove our commitment to our workers. Read more about it by clicking 'Our Roots' in the menu.

Our bags are made from a grass that is harvested and dyed with natural vegetable dyes and woven on a loom into the stiff mat material that helps our purses maintain their robust and unique shape. We have colors for every season, as our bags will hold up in any weather. Click Here to read more about the straps and interiors, since not every product page has detailed shots of the interiors. We hope you enjoy our site!

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