We know that a purse is more than just the exterior. It's your support network- a place to hold all the daily necessities for any situation you might encounter. While our purses are not waterproof, bulletproof, or fireproof, they do provide optimal storage and comfort.

We have two different styles of straps. Braided and cross body. The braided strap is a soft poly blend and is meant to rest comfortably on the shoulder. Most purses with braided straps have clasps so that the straps can be disconnected from opposing corners and connected to form a cross body strap. Bags with the braided straps include the Kiri Wave, the Petite Curved Avi, The Dabby, The Curved Dabby, The Clamshell Family, and more.

The cross body strap is a thin fabric, a little over an inch wide and is always adjustable. It can be found on the Sophon Shoulder Bag, The Traveler, The Lunch Hut, and a few others.

The Club Purse is a little unique in that it features a strap similar to a braided strap, but as if it were never braided - just a simple cylindrical strap that is not adjustable. However, it can be tied into a not to adjust the length.


Nearly every bag features a detailed fabric interior with zippered pockets, a firm tatami base, and sometimes a floating pocket. The Club Purse, The Dollar Bag, and The Kiri/Clamshell Minis do not feature a pocketed interior. As we continue to improve the site we will upload some detailed shots of the interiors, however for reference you can visit the Kiri Wave page to see some shots of the interior.