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Welcome to the exclusive retail site for Saraye "Tatami Style" Purses, designed, manufactured and distributed by our parent company Baskets of Cambodia.

Baskets of Cambodia, formed in 1996 in war-torn Cambodia, in villages surrounding the famous temples of Angkor Watt. In 2000 we expanded our operation to the outskirts of Phnom Penh in order to develop a unique line of purses, a line that incorporated traditional weaving and western style to create an entirely distinct look in purses. We started with a poor family of 8 headed by a single woman. Then she was sick and in need. Now she is healthy. Her daughters still sew and her son helps in the development of new styles. In the last 8 years Baskets of Cambodia has introduced this market to the world with innovations and new styles, and we now employ over 200 makers. You may see cheap (not inexpensive) copies of our original ideas, but you won't find better quality products inside and out. BOC is a company that is determined to deliver ever expanding wages back to the deserving people of Cambodia. We currently pay more than any producer we know of. The current modest salaries we support are consistently 2-3 what is considered to be "fair trade", and include other benefits as well.

Buying an original style from an original company is your way of rewarding innovation, which is the lifeblood of meaningful development. Part of the philosophy of Baskets of Cambodia is to create high quality products that lend pride and self esteem to all of people involved. We hope you'll soon be wearing one of our original creations and enjoying the compliments on our purses for their understated style and elegance, and in some cases down to earth practicality.

Baskets of Cambodia will continue to lead in this area as well in order to attract the highest levels of skill to the creation of our purse designs and other products.

If you have any questions about our product or our company philosophy email us at or you may call to order or with any questions at 425.778.8000 8-5pm Pacific Standard Time.

By the way, "Saraye" is a beautiful sounding word that translates as "woman" in Khmer, the Cambodian language and rhymes closely with "today". It is our desire that our purses help to create an equally beautiful experience for you - our distinguished, tasteful, and discerning buyers!

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