Kong Sokly

After finishing 7th grade and working in a factory for a year, Kong Sokly heard about an opportunity with Baskets of Cambodia through one of her cousins and moved to Russey Keo to begin work. She’s been with us for twelve years, is now thirty years old, and in no rush to find a husband. She shares a small room with her younger sister, who studies finance at the National University of Management in Phnom Penh. Not only does she pay their rent for their single room flat, which has risen from $25/month to $40/month during her twelve years, she also pays her sister's tuition with her modest single income. Her parents still live in the Kandu province and work as farmers, and she has no close family members able to help her make purses, so she earns about $160/month all by herself. Beyond being a resilient young woman, Kong Sokly is one of our most vibrant and outgoing makers, and her laughter and good charm is felt throughout her community where she lives amongst many other purse makers.